Tools of the Trade – Raven Multi-Purpose Hybrid 7100

Recently on In the House with Ken & Jared we had the opportunity to interview Chris Williams, the Manager of Quality Control for Denver Global Products, and the makers of the Raven 7100 Multi-Purpose Hybrid.  Founded about 5 years ago this company has managed to fuse together the convenience of a (hybrid) golf cart, a 7100 watt generator and riding lawn mower.

As a lawn mower the Raven is equipped with a 46” fabricated steel mower deck with 10 adjustable cutting heights a 14” turning radius, cruise control, reverse mowing, high intensity LED headlamps and the ability to tow up to 550 lbs.  Couple that with a 7100 watt onboard generator delivering AC power to 5 outlets and you’ve got everything you need to tackle any task on a large piece of property.

During the interview I shared my experience with the Raven, “When you're running heavy duty electric yard tools… distance makes a big deal. If you're running 300 feet of extension cord, you're going to run into amperage problems at the other end. But if you're only running 4 feet of cord, because you have the Raven right there, the problem's solved.”  Chris told us during the interview, “The Raven really just speaks for itself. You can see it in the store and think, "Oh, that's kind of cool," but until you get on it and you really start to use it, that's when you see all of its potential.” 

So we asked Chris about accessories for the Raven…. And yes, they are making them! Chris described a bagger kit that blocks off the discharge chute and delivers the clippings to one of three bags that mount in the Raven’s cargo area. This system greatly increases the capacity so you can process clippings more efficiently and not need to empty as often. Another advancement for Raven are aggressive tires which significantly boost traction when traveling in mud, similar to the tires on an ATV.

In order to get more info and see the Raven for yourself check online at where you can also enter your zip code and search for dealers in your area.

As for us, we've had our Raven now for over a year and will continue to put it through its paces, it really is a great machine and we can’t wait to see what Denver Global Products comes up with next!

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