Tools for the Trade: Milwaukee Hole Hawg

In the House show producer and resident expert, Josh Smith, reviews the Milwaukee M18 FUEL™ Hole Hawg® Right Angle Drill. To hear the entire discussion listen to our WDBO 3/5 podcast here.

Milwaukee has come out with a fantastic cordless solution to right angle drilling, the M18 Hole Hawg®.  Why a right angle? Think electrical and plumbing, drilling into studs or floor joist where a standard drill would be an ergonomic nightmare.  We’ve been using the M18 Hole Hawg that Milwaukee sent us on the project remodel and its made rough plumbing and electrical a breeze.

My favorite features:

  • Rubberized (where it counts) – protects the drill from a fall and existing structure from dents and dings, a necessity when remodeling
  • Hand grip – Located directly behind the drill chuck, the harder you push the force goes directly into the drill bit making it easy to get that initial bite into the wood
  • TORQUE – you’re drilling between studs with an auger bit so you don’t need high RPM.  The M18 Hole Hawg operates wide open at 1,200 RPM with serious torque thanks to the technology behind the Milwaukee® POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor. 

Milwaukee has done some pretty amazing things, and this is definitely one of them. If you're a do-it-yourselfer, I highly recommend checking out the M18 FUEL™ Hole Hawg®.  If you’re not a DIYer but need a gift idea, check out the Milwaukee M18 FUEL™ Hole Hawg®.  If they already have one buy one for yourself, instant DIYer street credit.   I’ll be going to Milwaukee on June 7th to take part in a media only event to preview their latest new tools.  Be sure to listen to the show and follow us on social media to get the latest on tools, DIYer project ideas, our projects and more!

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