The Milwaukee Tick

Why GPS Tracking on Home Equipment is Important.

When you have a project and you need the right tool to get it done, quickly and efficiently,  you spend a few days researching, looking online, and going to a few stores before you finally find it.  When you finally find the right tool for your home project, now comes the sometimes substantial cost, on whatever it is you need. Not only can the cost be a heartache, but so can the potential for that home improvement tool to grow legs and walk away.  This is why GPS tracking on home improcement equipment is important, and a few tips as to why the Milwaukee Tick can help.Image result for milwaukee tick

  • The Milwaukee Tick is powered by the robust ONE-KEY™ App and connects via Bluetooth with a 100ft signal range.  The ONE-KEY™ App receives battery status and location tracking from the TICK.  
  • Pictured is the TICK, its slightly bigger than a poker chip.  Setup with epoxy took minutes and the app interface is quick and easy.  The TICK is something everyone has thought about after a valuable item is stolen.
  • The cost of the item, with the added value and trust you can have in the fact that your products will stay where there supposed to is key. With the growing use of the ONE-KEY app, the network grows, therefore making the ease of finding your missing item faster.
  • For the cost of $21.90 each, it is well worth the value, so place it on your riding lawn mower, any expensive saws, or anything that you feel your neighbor may be eyeing.
  • The Milwaukee Tick is sold in a 1, 4, 10 and 50 pack.


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