ROXUL & Home Fire Prevention

October is Fire Prevention Month according to the National Fire Protection Association.

A National Fire Prevention Association study reported that, on average, seven Americans die in a residential home fire each week. Though you never know when fire might strike, there are important measures you can take to increase your chances when seconds count. While it’s nearly impossible to make a house completely fireproof, you can build or remodel it using fire-inhibiting materials.

When considering a home renovation, be sure to do your research for fire-rated and non-combustible products such as ROXUL stone wool insulation. ROXUL insulation resists temperatures up to approximately 2150˚F which is well above heat levels of typical house fires, and when directly exposed to fire, this chemically-inert material will not produce harmful gases or promote the spread of flames. Industry experts explain that stone wool insulation is designed to delay the spread of fire from room to room, providing valuable evacuation time that is critical to saving people, pets, property and reducing environmental damages.

Take ROXUL’s “When Seconds Count Challenge” and brush up on your fire safety knowledge by visiting for a chance to win $5,000.

ROXUL’s fire resistant properties are demonstrated on where videos show miniature homes created from ROXUL insulation set on fire with items inside. Do these items burn? Visit the website and see for yourself.

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