Project House Remodel - Part 2

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All construction projects big and small begin with an idea which then goes through many iterations until you have a plan on paper (or CAD); the plan then moves through a few of its own iterations based on engineering and zoning (permitting based on your local government) until finally you have a set of plans that are approved to move forward with your project.  Our remodel project is well underway, so we decided to reach out to D-Link (check out our blog from September where we reviewed their Wi-Fi water sensor) to test out their line of cameras, as jobsite security is a huge factor in staying on time and within budget.

What D-Link provided:


Video recorder:


Initially, the system included the Cameras and Video recorder but after some troubleshooting with D-Link we discovered that my 6+ year old router didn’t have the ability to support these Wi-Fi connected devices as well as the current devices already connected to the system (TV’s, Smart Phones, etc.). Wireless technology has changed a lot in 6 years, so it was time to move out of the Stone Age!

Once the router arrived the setup was simple using the WPS function, and within minutes all cameras were connected, setup to record and connected to the D-Link apps on my smart phone.  We have had the system fully operational for over six weeks and have recorded a bunch of footage; wildlife at night, crews working, deliveries taking place and the occasional onlooker getting a little too close to the site.

We have found that a great part of this system is simplicity and portability. As the project has progressed we have moved the cameras, router and video recorder. The DCS-5020L and DCS-2630L sit on a table or shelf so moving them is as simple as unplugging power, moving and plugging back in. The DCS-2330L was also moved, and with a cordless drill/driver removal and install in a new location takes only a few minutes. Since the cameras all connect via Wi-Fi, within a few seconds of power they have reconnected to the router and are available on the D-Link apps and mydlink website.

Another plus with this system is that when the project is complete the cameras are all able to be repurposed for use as in-home and outdoor (DCS-2330L) surveillance, perfect for watching a home while away, keeping an eye on kids that are out of school and even checking out nighttime wildlife visitors.

The pictures below were taken on the DCS-2330L from the mydlink Lite app on my smart phone over a cellular connection (not Wi-Fi).  Note the 720P resolution (looks like we have some jobsite cleanup to do)!


If you are looking for a great home surveillance option that does not break the bank, is easy to setup, personalize and install then be sure to check out the D-Link website for these great products.  As for our project, the 3-camera system paired with the AC1900 router and DNR-202L recorder is perfect for jobsite security - one less thing to worry about when it comes to keeping a project on time and within budget!

Thoughts and some specs on the individual components:

The DCS-5020L with pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) is a great indoor camera with the added benefit of acting as a Wi-Fi extender.  It’s not weather resistant, so the camera is limited to indoor use only.  We use it daily to check on crews on the project and in the evening for security using the built-in night vision IR.

The DCS-2330L would be our favorite of the three cameras except it does not offer (PTZ).  The night vision is superb, the 720P resolution is great for getting detailed shots of the comings and goings onsite. D-Link, offer a PTZ DCS-2330L and it will steal our hearts!

Until a PTZ 2330L comes on the market our favorite of the three is the DCS-2630L.  It’s a full HD camera with a wide angle 180* field of view.  This camera boasts one of the most impressive field-of-view on the market, especially considering it’s sold directly to the public and not a pro install only device.  The DCS-2630L also offers 2-way audio communication, so communicating with crews, deliveries, kids or anyone near the camera is simple using the D-Link app on my smart phone.

The DNR-202L video recorder is super-simple to setup and easy to navigate when looking back to replay footage.  The AC1900 Wi-Fi router is screaming fast, offers dual Wi-Fi frequencies, has an impressive range with 3-antennas and fully supports the cameras as well as the DNR-202L video recorder.

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