Product Review - Terminix Mosquito Bait & Kill

Summer. BBQ. Outdoors. What do these three words have in common (other than hot dogs and swimming pools)? Mosquitos. Over the last ten years I have tested just about every mosquito deterrent, trap, insecticide, and repellent on the market. Some did work better than others, but a common denominator existed; one product will not work on its own for a length of time, it takes the synergy of multiple lines of offense as well as defense to eliminate mosquitos. So why spend so much time trying to eradicate mosquitos from my life….? Well, the thing about mosquitos is that they are all around bad.  Mosquitos are known to transmit disease (West Nile Virus) to people as well as dogs (Heartworm) and those are just two examples. So ridding your yard of mosquitos not only stops the nasty bug bites that itch for days but also protects people and pets from the diseases that may be transmitted by mosquitos.

So recently the TERMINIX ALL CLEAR BAIT & KILL PR team reached out to me and said that they have a new product, would you like to give it a shot.  My answer to them was absolutely, while I was thinking “famous last words….”

The product arrived at my house over six weeks ago.  When it arrived I followed the manufacturer’s instructions and sprayed my front and back yards. My yard smelled like garlic for 24 hours, which I am told is normal because the active ingredient is a form of garlic. During this time I did not use any other mosquito defense or offense.  I continued to entertain outdoors, mow the lawn, work in my garage, etc.

Within 72 hours of using TERMINIX ALL CLEAR BAIT & KILL I was impressed at the huge mosquito reduction in my yard. I sprayed plastic trash cans and in the evening sat in my car to watch mosquitos swarm the cans, feasting on the mosquito-cide. After two weeks I was blown away at the product’s effectiveness. Truth be told, I have experienced a reduction in mosquitos in the past with other products, but it only lasted for three weeks, tops. Also in those cases it seemed that either the mosquitos got wise to the product or the mosquitos left alive to breed were immune to the product. For TERMINIX ALL CLEAR BAIT & KILL, three weeks came and went, still as effective as day 1.

As I said it’s been six weeks since initial application of the product. As stated in the instructions it suggests reapplication every 4 weeks, so at 4 weeks I did reapply. Now into week six, I can say that I am blown away at its effectiveness and the lack of mosquito resistance to the product. As we continue to use the spray we will continue to report on its effectiveness so stay tuned! For now I’ll be outside, wearing shorts and a t-shirt enjoying my backyard!

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