Product Review: ActiClean® Self-Cleaning Toilet

Product Review: ActiClean® Self-Cleaning Toilet

In the House hosts, Ken and Josh discuss one of the newest—and most essential—products gracing the interior of our ongoing Project House remodel.  After installing and using it for over a solid month, Josh is able to give our listeners and readers his honest opinion about the ActiClean® Self-Cleaning Toilet by Amercian Standard.


ActiClean® Self-Cleaning Toilet by American Standard

Josh:      I want to use this time to talk about a toilet that we have two of in our Project House. In my opinion, probably one of the most do-it-yourselfer friendly projects is changing out a toilet. The instructions in the package are written for the average consumer. It’s generally very easy to do if, especially if it’s a retrofit; if you have an existing toilet that worked and you just didn’t like the look of it. Or if the guts of the toilet malfunctioned—like the valve started leaking—and you just decided to just replace the whole thing. I really think it’s one of the easiest projects to do.

Ken:       I agree with you on that and I think when attempting to change out the guts on a toilet you don’t tend to have good luck with that. It’s just easier to go buy a brand-new toilet in my opinion. Another advantage of that are the building codes that have changed from when the original toilets you had were installed to now so you’ll end up saving water. So in the end you get something that will function better, save on water and just look prettier even.

Josh:      Oh absolutely! The design, the elongated bowls, different colors, even lid technology has changed where you now have the slow close lids where you don’t have to worry about you kids leaving the lid up or slamming it down. So when you want to purchase a toilet you want to look for one that’s WaterSense® certified, and speaking of that, we use the American Standard ActiClean® Toilet. Basically, the difference between this toilet and other toilets is it’s actually self-cleaning. On top of the tank is a flip-up panel where you insert some batteries and that powers the cleaning mechanism. Also, American Standard thought ahead and they said, ‘if it’s a retro-fit we don’t want someone to have to run electricity behind the toilet to power this cleaning feature so we’ll design it to run on batter,’ which I think is brilliant because not many people would want to run electrical wires behind a toilet to power it. So, after inserting a cartridge filled with a cleaning chemical you can choose either of the two cleaning options—quick or deep clean—and with just the push of a button you can walk away while the toilet takes care of the rest.

As I mentioned earlier, we installed two of these toilets in our Project House remodel—one in a centrally located bathroom that sees a lot of use and the other in the master bath—so I can tell you from personal experience that both are of equal cleanliness. So it doesn’t have the same issue as the old standard toilets where the more it’s used the faster the grime builds up and you’ll have to clean it manually more often. The self-cleaning system works and I find it pretty amazing how it does work! The installation was easy, the instructions are extremely easy to follow and over the month we’ve had it up and running we have had absolutely no problems with it.

Ken:       That is amazing! And really, who wants that job of cleaning the toilets, especially the common area ones everybody uses. Because you know it must be done and you don’t want guests or even yourself to see—much less use—a dirty toilet. You want it fully functional and clean all the time.

Josh:      Right! And getting into what you’re saying about having guests over, you don’t always have the time or foresight to sit and scrub every toilet in the house before having company over. But if you have these ActiClean® Self-Cleaning toilets all you have to do is go to each one, hit the button, close the lid and walk away. Then you can go about doing whatever else you may need—cooking, cleaning, preparing rooms, having a good time—and you don’t have to worry about it. So in terms of my family’s personal use, the ActiClean® toilet is a great buy. If you’re looking for a DIY project this weekend you should check out their product website here: and find out where they’re available to purchase near you. If you’re going to replace a toilet, I highly recommend you consider this one.


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