In the House Show's 2016 Last Minute Gift Guide

Still looking for the perfect present to gift your resident Do-it-yourselfer? With less than a week to go before Christmas, we’ve compiled a list of 5 highly rated gift ideas from “In the House” show producer and home improvement expert, Josh Smith, that you can find at your local big box store or home improvement outlet.


Milwaukee M18/M12 Wireless Speaker1) Milwaukee M18™/M12™ Wireless Jobsite Speaker

First, let me say that this is a last minute gift guide and the idea is that you can still get things on this list under the tree in time for Christmas.  With that said the Milwaukee Wireless Jobsite Speaker is available in January so just print a picture and give it in a card, seriously, it’s worth the wait.  I honestly don’t know how to begin describing the Jobsite Speaker, I’ve had my hands on one for two days now and I cannot believe the sound quality.  Here are a few of the high notes; 1) it’s M18 or M12 – yep, same speaker supports either battery platform and it also comes with its own AC adapter to run on wall power, 2) sound quality is awesome, I ran it hard for four hours while working in my garage, zero distortion and the bass is deep and rich 3) connectivity – you’ve got Bluetooth, USB or a headphone jack 4) last but not least durability – it’s built for withstanding drops, water and dust, but with a ~100ft Bluetooth range and the ability of this speaker to get really, really loud it’s easy to keep well out of harm’s way.  As you can tell, I am a huge fan of this speaker – give a card this year with a picture of the Milwaukee Wireless Jobsite Speaker inside and in January they’ll be practically blowing the windows out of whatever project they are working on.


theUncommonGreen Barware2) theUncommonGreen® Barware

Starting with a full disclosure – most everything I recommend I have used (i.e. tested, beat up, abused) and in the end given it a honest thumbs up, down or in the middle.  With that said, I received a press release for theUncommonGreen® “Maps Barware,” and I think the idea alone is brilliant so without having used them myself – I think the idea is worth the buy, especially at under $20.  So what is this great idea that’s gotten my attention?  Etched drinkware.  They have etched a map of a town into the glass.  That’s it.  So if you live in a divided house where Mom went to University and Dad went to State these are a cool under $20 gift for any occasion.  theUncommonGreen® also makes some other cool Mancave-esque items like their copper drinkware.
BONUS:  theUncommonGreen® will send you a coupon code for 10% off your first order when you enter your email and sign up for their newsletter.


WORX Pegasus Folding Work Table3) WORX Pegasus Folding Work Table & Sawhorse

The WORX Pegasus Work Table is a workbench or (when folded in half) a sawhorse.  I’ve used and abused wood, steel and plastic sawhorses for years and in the end, after about a year of use they usually make their way to a bonfire or dumpster.  I’ve had my hands on this since early December and regularly use it for setting up cuts for baseboard at our remodel project house.  It’s got two built in clamps that are as handy as handy can get and has the ability to connect to a second Pegasus Work Table to double work area (we’ve only got one so did not get to test this ability).  Overall, it’s durable, easy to transport and versatile with its ability to serve as a sawhorse or worktable. I’ll let you know in a year if its lasted longer than the others, but with a price tag under $120 you won’t find much better than that – a great gift!


Neato Robotics Botvac Connected4) Neato Robotics Botvac™ Connected

As we start to wrap up our remodel project, I wanted to do my best to keep the dust and dirt out of the house since we have finished materials (flooring, baseboard, fixtures, etc.) installed in the house that we do not want abused by construction debris. So I reached out to Neato Robotics to check out their Botvac™ Connected.  I posted a video of it working on our Facebook page a few weeks ago and it’s cool to see in action.  If you have ever watched one work then you know it’s impressive with the way it navigates around things like chair legs, corners and avoids other obstacles and hazards such as steps.  My only critique is that before letting the Botvac™ loose, make sure you don’t leave anything on the floor that is stringy (e.g. anything you would avoid if using a traditional vacuum) such as twine.  If you are conscience of that then you’ll love the Botvac™. I’ve let it loose in the house almost every night to keep the dust and dirt down and it’s done an amazing job – perfect for anyone that wants to keep their house tidy but may not have the time to vacuum daily.


STOK GRIDIRON Portable Gas Grill5) STŌK® GRIDIRON™ Portable Gas Grill

Calling all tailgaters, campers, sportsmen, man cave enthusiast and pretty much anyone that likes to eat grilled food! This is THE gift to get for under $200.  In short, it’s a portable single burner grill that runs on LP bottles.  STŌK® has taken the portable grill concept and added features that you’d only normally find on a high-end grill and it’s all based off of their grill insert system.  We tested ours with the standard grate, the pizza stone and the griddle.  Other options also include a Wok, a cast-iron kettle, vegetable tray and more.  It’s very well built and is very portable with built-in wheels designed to let it be pulled along behind you (think luggage) and as a grill it heats and cools quickly. I used it to cook some burgers at the jobsite and they were delicious! Another benefit of the STŌK® GRIDIRON™ grill insert system is that it is compatible with the STŌK® QUATTRO™ 4 burner gas grill. Stay tuned for more with this grill - I may take it duck hunting… breakfast in the duck blind!


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