In the House Show, Holiday Gift Guide - Black Friday Edition

Black Friday is almost here, and there are 31 days until Christmas! Here are our Top 5 Gift Ideas from In the House. Be sure to watch for more on Black Friday; we're posting to Facebook and tweeting from retailers as we find the best deals out there!

  1. Ryobi Garage Door Opener + Accessories
    Ryobi provided us with their Garage Door Opener (and accessories) to test out in our remodel project house. Aside from a quick and easy install the opener is powerful, quiet and feature-loaded with built in Wi-Fi and a handful of accessories; Bluetooth speaker, laser park assist, a fan and cord reel. We cannot say enough good about the opener and its accessories – which is why it’s made the top of our gift guide.  Current retail is about $250, a great price.  If you find it on Black Friday for less or with free accessories, it’s a definite buy!

  2. Raven 7100 Multi-Purpose Hybrid
    It’s a vehicle, it’s a generator, no it’s a mower…. It’s all three.  We have had a Raven 7100 now for nearly three years.  In three years’ time we have replaced the oil 8 times (we use it… a lot), replaced the mower deck (warranty) and required on-site service to replace the main 100-amp fuse (warranty and did I mention on-site, as in Raven sent two techs to my home to fix it!).  The 7100 has been on our gift guide in the past and we are not taking it down, we’ve put well over 2,000 hours on ours – mostly at the remodel and its tackled everything we have thrown at it.  Take away its great warranty, durability and awesome features and just look at the numbers: 1) it’s a 46” lawn mower (generally speaking ~$1599), 2) it’s a generator (6500 running watts range from $600-$1500) = $2199 - $3099.  It retails for $2500 – pretty much dead center in the range of buying a mower and generator separately.  Now add in the electric hybrid vehicle aspect, ability to tow 550lbs, storage bed that dumps……. Need I say more.  Perfect gift for anyone needing a new mower. 

  3. Milwaukee Billet Torpedo Level
    Good things come in small packages and the Milwaukee Billet Torpedo Level is one of them.  With 4 amplified rare Earth magnets it’s got some extreme staying power which means you work more efficiently and precisely.  Milwaukee sent us one to check out and its awesome – used it to level bathroom light fixtures, a range, range hood and the list goes one….  Fits in your back pocket – a perfect stocking stuffer at the $30 mark.

    The “Sawzall,” name has defined reciprocating saws since its invention in 1951.  Milwaukee has taken it from a corded to cordless tool and given it the same durability and stamina as its corded predecessor. How do you improve on the M18 FUEL SAWZALL? The answer was delivered in October of this year, the M18 FUEL SAWZALL with ONE-KEY. The graphic from Milwaukee’s press release in says it all.  We’ve had one and have used the ONE-KEY features, our favorite is the cut break.  Working in a tight space and need to make a cut without damaging nearby plumbing, electrical or HVAC – the cut brake stops the blade as soon as the cut is complete – saving time and money. We are not sure how Milwaukee can improve on the M18 FUEL SAWZALL with ONE-KEY, it may be the ultimate reciprocating saw.  At $450 it’s not a stocking stuffer but if you are looking for that one gift that will blow their socks off, this is it.

  5. Niagara’s The Original Stealth Toilet at only 0.8GPF
    Water is a precious resource and we need to protect it, with that said Niagara Conservation has done an amazing job with their Original Stealth toilet at only 0.8 GPF. We installed three of them in our remodel. Install is easy and operation is easy, we’ve had no issues with needing to “double flush,” to clear the tank as with other high efficiency toilets. It’s a great toilet at a great price that is saving the environment, what more could you ask for?

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