Hardwood Flooring Over Tile?

On In the House with Ken & Jared, Jared answers a text question from Polly in Astatula about installing her hardwood flooring. Listen every Saturday morning to expert advice from the owners of Universal Roof & Contracting.

Today’s text question is, “Can hardwood floors be placed over porcelain tile or does the tile need to be removed before installing the hardwood?” This is a very good question, Polly; we get questions all the time regarding whether one flooring material can be put down over the other. It is possible to put a floating floor―either laminate or engineered wood―over the top of tile. If the flooring is a glue-down or nail-down type then you definitely should not try to install it over tile. It’s practically impossible, and attempting it can cause all sorts problems.

Like I mentioned, it is possible with a floating floor material, but I typically recommend that you remove the existing flooring until you get all the way down to the slab. One big problem you can run into trying to go over the existing flooring is with all of the doors and thresholds or room transitions. If you put another layer of material over the top of the existing flooring then the amount of clearance under the doors may not be sufficient and the level of the floor in comparison to the threshold will be wrong. This will lead to you needing to remove the doors to plane off the bottom, re-do the trim―possibly all of the baseboards―and re-level any room transitions. All things considered, it is a better idea to just go ahead and remove the existing flooring first.

Though laminate flooring is still a popular choice, more and more people are choosing engineered wood. Engineered wood is actually real wood, where laminate is a synthetic resin composite covered with a photographic applique to make it look like wood or other material. Engineered wood is more structurally sound, stronger than solid wood of the same thickness and can be laid directly over concrete subfloors where solid wood cannot. With the glue-down systems, you can glue the engineered wood flooring directly to the slab. That will prevent it from giving off that hollow sound you commonly get with a floating floor.

There are better underlayment materials available now that help diminish the hollow sound when used with laminate or other floating flooring. However, even with those, the difference in sound and feel is apparent between the glue-down systems and floating floors. I’m serious when I say that hollow sound as you walk around on a floating floor can get annoying after a while. My company, Universal Contracting, would demo the existing flooring to expose the cement slab or subfloor and install a good-quality engineered wood directly to it.

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