Father's Day Gift Guide - Tools for the Trade

Josh Smith is an innovative home product enthusiast and has produced our In The House radio show for over 12 years. Josh regularly attends the annual International Builders Show, Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, Coverings, and many other industry trade shows, always keeping up with the latest in building, trends, tools and technology. "Here are some last minute gift ideas in my Father's Day gift guide."  -  Josh Smith

Under $10

Little Big Shot

The Little Big shot is a great under $10 all-purpose attachment for Dad's garden hose whether it's watering the lawn, cleaning out gutters or washing his car you can't beat it for the price. Secondly, it's made in America by disabled veterans.  Any company that dedicates their manufacturing to made in the USA and then takes it a step further by hiring disabled veterans is an A+ in our book.  We've given them away in the past as a Memorial Day giveaway, if you missed out check your local big box store or the Little Big Shot website.

Under $30

The DEWALT 4-in-1 Multi Functional Utility Bar (DWHT55293)

DEWALT says it's " ideal for ripping, striking, prying, and scraping applications," and yes, 100%, it is.

I found another unique use for the tool, every time I sharpen my lawn more blades I'm always looking for a 2x4 or other object to brace the blade when removing/replacing the blades.  A few weeks ago I was searching for my go to 2x4 when I decided to give the Utility Bar a shot; it works perfectly.  Another great use in the lawn mowing realm, scraping the deck of a lawnmower.  The DEWALT 4-in-1 Multi Functional Utility Bar is a beast and for the price it's a great value.

Under $100

Overhead Door's OHD Anywhere™.  Don't remember if the garage door is up or down, need to let a neighbor in to borrow the lawnmower, want the garage door open as soon as you get home; then this is the product to do it.  The OHD Anywhere™ system is compatible with most major garage door opener brands on the market today.  It uses a Wi-Fi® enabled door control module that connects to your existing wireless home network.  OHD Anywhere™ also comes with a door position sensor that attaches to the garage door itself so the app knows if the door is currently open or closed, even if the opener was disengaged and the door was opened manually.   When closing the door remotely there will be an audible and visual notification giving ample warning to those nearby that the door is about to move.

Under $200

The Milwaukee M12 Cordless Grease Gun Kit (2446-21XC).  If Dad owns a boat, trailer, ATV, tractor or any heavy duty equipment like a skid steer then he'll know what zerk fittings are and he'll know it's a pain to work with a hand pump grease gun.  We've had one since March and use it almost daily on our Kubota SVL75.  Talk about eliminating hand fatigue when you're lubricating the dozens of fittings on a skid steer or when you need to quickly grease the bearing buddies on your boat trailer before heading to the lake.  With the M12 battery you get about 7 cartridges per charge and recharge time is about 1 hour, essentially you'll never run out of power.



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