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DynaTrap supports Olympics

With the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics in full swing, the entire world is hearing about the dangerous Zika virus. While people in places like Michigan or Washington State have little to fear when it comes to Zika at home we, in Florida, already have confirmed cases in the state. In the news you hear about parts of Miami where the city is battling mosquitos in an effort to stop the spread of Zika.

In the past we worked with a biological mosquito control called Mosquito Dunks. These work by introducing a bacteria into standing water that specifically attacks mosquito larvae. The principal, no larvae, no adult mosquitoes... eventually.

We reached out to DynaTrap who sent us two of their insect traps to test. Early results are in... the DynaTrap kills insects. We used both traps at our remodel project to keep workers safe from mosquitoes. I've had to empty the traps, each, twice - which is some serious insect killing power.

The way a DynaTrap works versus an electronic bug killer; electronic, think of the zzzzZAP style you remember while at summer camp as a kid, works by electrocuting insects to death. With the DynaTrap insects are not killed by an electrical charge. Instead, the DynaTrap draws insects in with a UV light and a Ti02 (titanium dioxide) coated surface that produces CO2, mimicking human breath. These two things draw mosquitos (and other insects) in and a small fan sucks them up.  The insects then enter a containment basket that is spring loaded, preventing insects from escaping and holding them until the die of dehydration.  

We plan to continue using the DynaTrap. The two we were sent run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The DynaTrap significantly reduces the number of insects and almost totally eliminates mosquito near the trap.

Our suggestion - eliminate as much standing water near your home, buy a handful of mosquito dunks and a DynaTrap for outdoor areas you want to enjoy, insect free. Minimizing standing water will prevent mosquito breeding locations, the mosquito dunks will eliminate larvae and the DynaTrap will take care of adult mosquitos as well as other nuisance insects.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and stay bite free!

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