Father's Day 2017 Gift Guide

Father's Day is nearly upon us and for those that don't know what to get the Dad that has everything we've compiled a list of fun, useful and innovative products that we have spent time using and can recommend as a great gift.


Gifts over $200



OXX shipped us one of these coffee makers on steroids back in January.  We've spent a ton of time with it and absolutley love it.  The COFFEEBOXX uses K-Cup® compatiable packs.  It heats water quickly, is built like a concrete bunker and makes a mean cup o' joe.  Priced at $229.99 its a bit more expensive than your average coffee maker but then again is your average coffee maker water, dust and impact resistant?  Our only wish, that it would run on a battery pack.  We asked and were told heating water quickly takes a ton of juice - more than you'd get from a truly portable battery, so until battery technology reaches the level of coffee we'll be happy with the COFFEEBOXX as-is.

For more info on the COFFEEBOX check out their website.



The RYOBI Garage Door Opener & Accessories:

RYOBI Inflator

The RYOBI Garage Door Opener made our Holiday Gift Guide 2016 and its back this Father's Day + accessories.  When RYOBI entered the Garage Door Opener scene with its 2hps belt driven opener that is app connected, expandable with accessories and utilizes the RYOBI ONE+ battery pack as a backup we were skeptical. It’s ambitious to enter a new product into a saturated market and not only innovate on the opener itself but totally rethink what a garage door opener does.  RYOBI did it and slammed the door on its competition.  In our experience, we’ve used the opener or accessories daily such as the fan, Bluetooth speaker, tire inflator, cord reel and park aid.  Opener install is easy and the accessories are even easier.  The app is intuitive and has a convenient option to email tech support from the app, no need to hunt for addresses to troubleshoot.  If you listened during the holidays and Dad already has the opener it’s time to start loading him up with the accessories that are priced below $100.  If not you can find the opener for less than $250 and work on the accessories during the holidays.



Gifts Under $150


Honeywell Lyric T5 Wi-Fi Thermostat:



Honeywell Lyric T5 Wi-Fi Thermostat


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The Milwaukee Tick

You have a project and you need the right tool to get it done, quickly and efficiently, so you spend a few days researching, going to your local big box store to put your hands on one.  Then comes the investment.  When you get home you call your buddies over for a beer, leaving it just in sight so they ask, then you get to brag.  Three weeks later its gone.  Stolen.  W.T.F.

A long-winded way to get to a tool review but I’m painting a picture.  It’s happened to most of us.  For me it was a brand-new worm drive circular saw, 6ft level and a new tape measure – same day.  The feeling sucks.  You do the whole police report thing and spend a few nights scouring local for sale lists, hopeful, but you never see it again. 

Enter the Milwaukee TICK.  It’s powered by the robust ONE-KEY™ App and connects via Bluetooth with a 100ft signal range (I tested it, at 100ft still connected).  The ONE-KEY™ App receives battery status and location tracking from the TICK.  

Pictured is the TICK in hand, its slightly bigger than a poker chip.  I was torn between attaching to a 16ft aluminum boat with outboard motor or a lawn mower.  In the end I went with the lawn mower.  Setup with epoxy took minutes and the app interface is quick and easy.  The TICK is something we’ve all thought about after something is stolen “Man, I wish it had GPS.”  Well, this is as close to real time GPS you’ll get at a fraction of the cost.  Plus, the more people that download and activate the ONE-KEY™ App, the larger the network grows.

The math is simple; ten pack = $219, $21.90 each.  Lawn mower is ~$3,000; if recovered it’s a 136x return on investment.  Outboard motor alone, ~$4,000, if recovered it’s a 182x return on investment.  Not to mention the added bonus of getting to bring some justice to a thief. 

Sold in a 1, 4, 10 and 50 pack, the 4 pack is a great gift at just under $100. 

For more details check out the Milwaukee Tool website.





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ActiClean® Self-Cleaning Toilet by American Standard

Product Review: ActiClean® Self-Cleaning Toilet

In the House hosts, Ken and Josh discuss one of the newest—and most essential—products gracing the interior of our ongoing Project House remodel.  After installing and using it for over a solid month, Josh is able to give our listeners and readers his honest opinion about the ActiClean® Self-Cleaning Toilet by Amercian Standard.

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Milwaukee M18/M12 Wireless Speaker

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ROXUL & Home Insulation

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Custom Building Products on In the House

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